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Dizen Motor Savunma Endustri AS; In January 2020, the diesel engine industry in Turkey in R & D and innovation by design and manufacturing engineers who founded a company that is native to become an international brand.


Dizen Motor Defense Industry Inc. It was established in January 2020.

AIts main field of activity is to produce diesel engines for the sector's needs.

Its head office is located in Kocaeli Bilişim Vadisi.

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To produce solutions that meet the national security needs in the engine sector and to lead the development of the national industry.

To design and manufacture our products in high quality within the framework of legal regulations, by considering customer expectations,

To develop and support customer-oriented, quality and creative solutions, taking into account customer needs,

To be effective and have a voice in the market by supporting investments in R&D and Innovation.

To always use and develop the best technology in production and design.

To be a "world brand motor company" that has unique products and has reached global competitive power.


Located in the national combat vehicles produced under the defense industry and the vehicles in the utility used with the aim of ensuring the electrical continuity engine and connections, again double-cylinder engines used in mobile generator unit used in the defense industry, engaged in the production and the Republic of Turkey 's to eliminate dependence on foreign in this context.

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