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3KW 150Wx4 Light Tower 

Led Lighting Light Tower  

TR-ZÜMRA-01 Model Light tower has a multi-purpose use feature. Our Led Lighting towers are equipped with a 3kw diesel generator  at least

What consumes fuel is the light tower.  When you buy our product, it will not only be a problem-free machine, but also a great saving with its unique light source ._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b58_1365cf
With high area lighting, you can illuminate more places with fewer towers. (4x150watts)

TR-ZÜMRA-01 Model Light tower mast movement is done with the help of a mechanical Manual winch. When the roller pulley rotates clockwise, the rope is wound and the light tower moves up When the roller pulley rotates counterclockwise, the rope remains free and the light tower moves down

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